The Life of Abram - Birth till Fifty. The Teachings of His Mother.

In my study, I have found different narratives about the early life of Abraham. I have combined these sources and traditions into one story, whether historically correct, I’m unsure. But here is what I have been able to find of Abraham from birth till approximately 50 years old. I love the details about Amthelo, Abrams Mother. 

These pieces of glimpses into their life and culture, though shocking and greatly disturbing at times, for me also brings out character and humanity.

Nimrod was the son of Cush. Cush was the son of Ham. Ham was the son of Noah.

God made garments of skins for Adam and his wife Havah (Eve) when they went out of the garden, and those garments were handed to Enoch after the passing over of Adam and Havah. Enoch, at the time of His going up, gave the garments to Methuselah, his son. At the death of Methuselah, Noah took the garments into the Ark and they were with him until the going out of the Ark. In their going out, Ham stole the garments from Noah his father and also hid them from his brothers. When Ham had his first son, he named him Cush, and in secret, gave those garments to his son. Cush had hold of the garments for many days and also concealed them from his sons and brothers until Nimrod was born. 

Because Cush loved Nimrod more than his other sons, he gave Nimrod the garments to put on when he was 20 years old and Nimrod became strong in the land when he wore Adams garment of skin. Nimrod was considered a 'Giant in the land' because of the power of the garment of Adam.

Nimrod was mighty in battle and conquered his enemies and made them servants to himself and his brothers. Nimrod appointed Terah as the Prince of his Host (Patriarch King of Agade Terah).

Terah was the son of Nahor. Nahor was the son of Serug, Serug was the son of Reu, who was born to Peleg. Peleg was the son of Eber, the son of Shelah, the son of Arphaxad who was born to Shem, the righteous son of Noah.

Nimrod ordered a great and spacious city be built in a valley opposite to the east, Nimrod called his city 'Shinar' because "the Lord had vehemently shaken his enemies and destroyed them."

All nations and tongues were subject under Nimrod, the peoples gathered to him and bowed to the Earth before him; bringing offerings and gifts and they all lived in his great city Shinar. Nimrod reigned in all the earth over all the sons of Noah and the earth was of "one tongue and words of union"

But Nimrod was more wicked than all the men before him from the flood, he made gods of wood and stone and taught the people to bow down to them. Nimrod did not walk in the ways of the Lord and his son Mardon was more so wicked than his father and so the saying was heard... "from the wicked goes forth wickedness"

Terah, the Prince of Nimrods Hosts, was very great in the eyes of Nimrod the king and all the princes loved him and elevated him to high standing.

Terah took Amthelo (Amathlaah) the daughter of Cornebo to wife and she gave birth to a son. Terah happened to be 70 years old when the son was born and Terah named him Abram because... "the king had raised Terah high and dignified him above all his princes"

On the night of Abrams birth, all the servants of Terah and all the wisemen and conjurors of Nimrod came to a feast, and they ate and drank and there was much rejoicing with him that night. When the guests were leaving, the wiseman and conjurors looked up into the heavens and read the stars. They saw one very large Star in the east and observed that it ran in the heavens and he swallowed up the four stars from the four sides of heaven. The wisemen and conjurors were absolutely astonished and the sages knew and understood the matter. These spoke one to another saying, 

"This only betokens the child that has been born to Terah this night, who will grow up and be prolific, and reproduce, and posses all the earth, he and his children forever, and he and his descendants will kill great kings and inherit their lands."

The next morning the wiseman and conjurors assembled in the appointed house and with fear debated what to do about the prophecy in the heavens and whether to tell Nimrod the King or not. Rather than die for non disclosure, they decide to report to the king and advise him to kill the child before he grows up and overthrows the kingdom. They persuade the king to offer Terah a large sum of wealth in exchange for the babe Abram who they will then kill. The saying pleased Nimrod.

Terah was called before the king and Nimrod told him all that was seen in the heavens the previous night and the words of the wisemen and conjurors. Nimrod demanded the babe be brought and he would give Terah for his sons value, gold and silver to fill his house.

Terah, acknowledging his lord, the king, spoke and said he would do all the king desired but first wanted to tell him what had happened the last night.

Ayon the son of Mored had come to Terah, asking to purchace the great and beautiful horse Nimrod had given him. Ayon offered gold, silver, straw and provender for its value. Terah said to Ayon that he would speak with the king about the matter and whatever the king said, that would he do.

King Nimrod was furious and greatly grieved that Terah would consider selling the precious horse for gold and silver, because there was no value to be placed upon it. It was the only horse of that kind in the earth, a very rare and beautiful creature. The King interjected that Terah was silly, a fool, ignorant and deficient in understanding to even consider selling the horse which was a great gift.

Terah responded that in like manner, this parable and reasoned with him that this is what the king has asked of him, to purchase his precious son Abram, a gift from God to the House of Terah, for gold and silver. What need had Terah of gold and silver when at his death, all the wealth he owns will be returned to the king!

King Nimrods anger was now set ablaze and Terah answered 

"All that I have is in the kings power; whatever the king desires to do to his servant, that let him do, yea, even my son, he is in the kings power, without value and exchange, he and his two brothers that are older than he."

The king was adament that he would purchase the youngest son for a price. Terah pleaded and pressed Nimrod greatly, to give him three days to consider the matter and consult with his family. The king agreed on account of his respect for Terah, the Prince of Nimrods Hosts. Terah returned to his family and told them all that had happened and they were all, greatly afraid.

On the third day, King Nimrod sent to Terah demanding the child be brought to him for the agreement of the price and so that the child could be killed. Nimrod set the terms that if Terah disobeyed, all in his house would be killed and there would not be even a dog left standing.

Terah hurried due to the urgency of the king and took a newborn male (born that day) of a servant handmaid, and brought that babe to the king and received of the king, the value for the child. Nimrod then proceeded to kill the infant by bashing its head to the ground. The king was satisfied that was the end of the matter.

The Lord was with Terah in this particular matter for the sake of protecting the life of Abram and for the sake of Abram. It was by the Will of Providence, to not suffer Abrams death.

Terah, took his wife Amthelo, the babe Abram and his nurse, in secret and concealed them in a cave for 10 years. Terah would bring them provisions every month. 

I LOVE this part of the story, the faithfulness of Abrams Mother in teaching Her Son.

Amthelo, his mother taught Abram about the Lord, and Shem and Noah. Abram ‘knew’ the Lord at age 3 and remains hidden in the cave . When Abram reaches the age of ten, Amthelo takes her son and his nurse to live with Noah and Shem. They leave the 'low country' and head into the 'mountains' where Noah and his family live,  the little family are welcomed. Noah and Shem teach Abram about God and the Ways and Things of God for 39-40 years.