A Circular Perspective - Coming Into The Heavenly Gift.


"...And know ye that ye shall be judges of this people according to the judgment which I shall give unto you, which shall be just. Therefore, what manner of men had ye ought to be? Verily I say unto you, even as I am..."

When the Lord tells us in the Answer to Prayer for a Covenant to "Pursue Judgment", it is imperative that the lense of judgement we discern through be carefully circumscribed around The Truth so it is reckoned from the Lord’s perspective and not from our own limited linear viewpoint.

We often use the following scripture as a stone which we throw at each other when the other person cannot find harmony in our teachings or advice. We undertone our words inferring the other person is unwilling, unbelieving or too lazy to labor as diligently as we think we ourselves, have. Sometimes I wonder if we mistakenly assume we are a great light of knowledge because we may comprehend a portion of a scripture or see a little mystery or think we know what is best for the other person and we wound each other through false assumptions, labelling and incomplete perspectives.

A fanciful and flowery and heated imagination be aware of, because the things of God are of deep import, and time, and experience, and careful and ponderous and solemn thoughts can only find them out. Your mind, O man, if you will lead a soul unto salvation, must stretch as high as the utmost Heavens, and search into and contemplate the lowest considerations of the darkest abyss, and expand upon the broad considerations of eternal expanse. You must commune with God. How much more dignified and noble are the thoughts of God than the vain imagination of the human heart? None but fools will trifle with the souls of men.

It would make more sense to read these words in light of Joseph Smiths knowing of "a man" who was caught up to the seventh heaven. Maybe we need allow the Lord to bring us to this standing in the utmost heavens and only then, is it  possible from that perspective, to accurately gage and discern the darkest abyss as we view and consider the broad expanse of His Eternal Work. I don't think we can force ourselves up Mount Zion, rather the Lord comes and takes us by His Hand as we serve, kneel and wait.

Who among us is really equipped to accurately judge another or a situation from the position we currently stand on the mountain? If we are not seeing from the highest vantage point, how can we navigate all the contradictions in mercy? How can we bring equality? That being said, within the body; how is it possible we could still be treading the same old ground where nothing good has ever grown?

There are perspectives, not of this world within Gods strange work currently underway that we need to comprehend in order to prepare us to become wise servants for the labor ahead. It has been said that there are many teachers but there aren't many fathers. Within the coming Family of God, those chosen as fathers and mothers will need to become harmless. They will need to truly 'see' the hearts of their "children" This seeing and knowing comes as an endowment of knowledge tempered by wisdom and infused with patience, kindness and love unfeigned.

What good will it do to have mothers and fathers who bite their children? Meaning that ones brokenness, fears and insecurities are deflected upon and cause irreversible harm to those God would otherwise bring to be nurtured in their care. Our works must evidence our faith. Christ can heal us if we come unto Him in the time His arm is stretched out but it means we must become naked and undone before Him in order for Him to recreate us with His heart and mind. A broken heart and contrite spirit are vital in this process. We need to let go of Babylon's incorrect behaviour, judgements and mindsets. He will ask you to Trust Him.

Christs gospel is for the weak things and the lame (in the eyes of the world) As He brings these precious people to us, we cannot let our own prejudices stand in the way but we must bind that spirit so that it does not have voice within us.

The circular understanding I am talking about is obtained by our own obedience to the commandments, our sincere repentance, humility, and meekness intermingled with time, and experience. It requires meditation and sincere study to draw down the perspectives out of Gods own heart. To see as They see. 

It means we need to be willing to receive Christs succor in our own afflictions, even when it hurts our pride and causes us to have ownership of and acknowledgment of our part. In some instances it may require us to walk a similar path of the one we are struggling to love and forgive so that we can learn in real-time that circumstances, experience, DNA, trauma and intent of heart greatly influence why we make certain choices and think the way we think. I know this is true because this has happened to me. I could not hear reason so I had to experience it myself.

The mercy and forgiveness we hope for ourselves can then be applied freely to others and our intersession becomes with real intent because there is no difference between "me and thee" being unable to detect a flaw in the least. We give unto a sister what we hope to receive for ourselves. We enable a brother to receive the blessing, before we can actually lay claim on it for ourselves. 

Christ's succor, if we will allow it, gives to us portions of the mind of God as we are able to receive it. Christ sows this understanding into the soil of our heart and it means that in this circular view, we can view another correctly with the full potential as Christ sees, out of time and in eternity. Our fruit or in other words, our intent becomes to bless and in turn succor and elevate our brothers and sisters through this balance of merciful knowledge, wisdom and justice. We start to become mothers and fathers (and) teachers. Co-creators with the Good Shepherd, labouring in His vineyard alongside Him, bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.

Read this scripture with the lenses of a higher understanding, that the gold, silver and precious things are truths of the Gospel, that the land of promise is a living and breathing body of people washed and clean being fathered by an authorized administrator. That the costly apparel are robes of the priesthood garnished with precious stones of knowledge and wisdom. Yet despite all this, herein is their struggle... and how might this apply today?

And now behold, my brethren, this is the word which I declare unto you: that many of you have begun to search for gold, and for silver, and all manner of precious ores, in the which this land, which is a land of promise unto you and to your seed, doth abound most plentifully. And the hand of Providence hath smiled upon you most pleasingly, that ye have obtained many riches. And because some of you have obtained more abundantly than that of your brethren, ye are lifted up in the pride of your hearts, and wear stiff necks and high heads because of the costliness of your apparel, and persecute your brethren because ye suppose that ye are better than they.

And now my brethren, do ye suppose that God justifies you in this thing? Behold, I say unto you, nay, but he condemneth you; and if ye persist in these things, his judgments must speedily come unto you. Oh that he would shew you that he can pierce you, and with one glance of his eye he can smite you to the dust. Oh that he would rid you from this iniquity and abomination. And, oh that ye would listen unto the word of his commands, and let not this pride of your hearts destroy your souls. Think of your brethren like to yourselves, and be familiar with all and free with your substance, that they may be rich like unto you. But before ye seek for riches, seek ye for the kingdom of God. And after ye have obtained a hope in Christ, ye shall obtain riches if ye seek them. And ye will seek them for the intent to do good: to clothe the naked, and to feed the hungry, and to liberate the captive, and administer relief to the sick and the afflicted.

It is not likely we can become of one mind without first becoming one heart.
Getting into the Kingdom of God requires us to love each other and see each other as family even if we have to genuinely imitate it at first, to gain the understanding by the experience before we are sealed together. 

What then is our substance? What are the riches we are to seek? How are we to clothe the naked, feed the hungry, liberate the captive and administer relief to the sick and afflicted? What is the meaning of these types? What level of relationship does this require of us? What is the ministry we are potentially called to?

Much of the work the Lord has underway today, is to correct our faith and knit our hearts together in love and unity because what is coming in the appointed season within an accepted Temple of God under the hand of the high priest will enable us to be of one mind. So much has been laid out with great cost, in our behalf that by now we should be beginning to see our works bud tender leaves in our personal lives and in our growing comprehension of the True points of His Doctrine. 

 "The Lord’s offer can only be accepted on the condition of obedience and faith. When the fullness is accepted, people live in peace and happiness: And they had all things common among them; therefore, there were not rich and poor, bond and free, but they were all made free and partakers of the Heavenly gift

He has shewn himself unto the world, and glorified the name of the Father, and prepared a way that thereby others might be partakers of the Heavenly gift. 
When the fullness is refused (by mankind not complying with the conditions of the covenant), the opportunity to establish a Heavenly order and Zion is lost."