The Virgin's Oil


The 10 Virgins knew about the Bridegroom and had made themselves ready to meet Him. The Virgins had their heart solely devoted to the Bridegroom, they were "pure virgins" in this understanding. They had followed the direction and council of the friend of the Bridegroom in preparation. The Bridegroom had noticed them and had made an offer of a future wedding ketubah with them. They were not surprised in the hour He came, but what 5 of them found they were lacking in was "oil" and so they could not enter in.

What is this oil? How did they overlook this one thing? Why, despite all their faithful preparations, did they fail in this one thing?

Is oil knowing the all mysteries?

Is it being able to quote and expound scriptures in a scholarly way?

Is it a certain number of baptisms one accrues in their lifetime?

Is it position and status among the Lords people?

It is a new name/title?

Is it advancing forward with the goal to obtain Zion before everyone else?

Is it seeing and conversing with angels and having dreams and visions?

Besides all that, what they lacked was the Holy Ghost, or the necessary spirit and understanding, I call it the "circular perspective" for them to judge mercifully and live at one and in harmony in a community of equals. To become harmless. To become Mothers and Fathers in nurturing and admonishing each other by the Spirit of Truth with love unfeigned. Kindness, gentleness, being patient, penitent and meek. Kneeling to serve and elevate another upwards even before we receive the blessing that we hope for and seek for ourselves.

All the other gifts of knowledge and understanding of scriptures and mysteries will come in the appointed season as we are obedient to the covenant and as the Lord heals his people. But our most important labour is to develop Charity and receive the Pure Love of Christ. Then all things can be added unto us as a community and then equity will abound, making us equal.

We have got to get our hearts right and aligned concerning each other. We need to forgive offenses by receiving intelligence from the Lord and see that in the whole picture of what is coming and the Lords work underway today, offenses are little things in comparison. The process is what this current labour is all about. When we have succeeded, we will be given further commandments and a greater Labor to undertake.

A Prophet recently said 

"They failed to acquire the necessary spirit with which to avoid conflict, envy, strife, tumult, and contention. To grow into the kind of people God will want us to welcome into His dwelling requires practice, experience, and effort. People have not done it. Devout religious people are not prepared to live in peace, with all things in common, with no poor among them. God is trying to create a civilization that does not yet exist."

The requirement to become easily entreated and of one heart is what the Lord is pleading with us to become. Becoming of one mind will follow and both these objectives brings a community into equality.

These commandments place us all on the same standing, because from the least to the greatest among us, all have opportunity to work to this end, to enter into the marriage, receive the wedding garment and participate in the great feast, by abiding the conditions. What a kind and wise and fair Father we have to be our God.

The secret is you will learn more about Christ and His Character and Attributes by walking with sisters and brothers in covenant, than reading all the books alone. If you can become trusted enough and harmless... without pretending to care, you will receive a perspective of eternal things you would have never considered had you labored alone. I testify that you WILL be added upon by Knowledge and Wisdom and find that it is not really about YOU serving, but what precious insights you receive from those you walk with. Afflictions really are a gift from God.