The Brackets Have Been Removed


While we are in the flesh, we are being added upon by the experience if we allow it to be so. When we were out of this linear time frame and in eternity, we shouted for joy in the hope of coming here; but now here where every moment is counted, our perspective is different. It hurts. It is brutal, It is a battle.

There is an eternal scale in the scheme of all things which is given to provide balance. Lehi called it "opposition in all things" thus ascension must begin with descension. The strait path in the lowest level flows up and through to the highest heavens.

Darkness and Light
Wickedness and Righteousness
Despair and Hope
Ignorance and Knowledge
Damnation and Salvation
Darkest Abyss and Highest Heaven
Sadness and Joy
Hate and Love
The fallen angel and the Gods

To receive the full measure of this mortal experience, or in other be added upon in this estate and to recognize all that is good, Joseph Smith said "Thy mind, O man! if thou wilt lead a soul unto salvation, must stretch as high as the utmost heavens, and search into and contemplate the darkest abyss, and the broad expanse of eternity—thou must commune with God.”

It is a joyfully beautiful and painfully exquisite process of symmetry. 

A prophet of the Lord said "You came here to increase your understanding of truth, and to broaden your capacity to appreciate what is good. For that, you wanted and now are receiving, exposure to the brackets which allow your comprehension to expand." 

There is no other way.

I believe that certain recent events have "removed the brackets" allowing full access to this scale of all things in order to continue the accent up Jacobs Ladder.

There is an Authorized Minister on the ground.
The Kingdom of God is Living while there is a Legal Administrator
The Heavens are open.
Work is being done to reclaim everything the previous dispensation laid out.
There is a restored body of scripture, received as a Guide and Standard by a body of repentant people and authorized by the Lord Himself.
The first part of the Eternal Covenant has been given.

The Lord said these words in the recent covenant: 

"The records of my apostles containing my New Covenants were to contain the fullness of my gospel, but during the formation of the great and abominable church, many parts were discarded and other parts were altered. False brethren who did not fear me intended to corrupt and to pervert the right way, to blind the eyes and harden the hearts of others, in order to obtain power and authority over them.

"Conspiracies have corrupted the records, beginning among the Jews, and again following the time of my apostles, and yet again following the time of Joseph and Hyrum. As you have labored with the records you have witnessed the alterations and insertions, and your effort to recover them pleases me and is of great worth. You may remove the brackets from your record, as I accept your clarifications, and you are permitted to proceed to the end with your plan to update language to select a current vocabulary, but take care not to change meaning — and if you cannot resolve the meaning, either petition me again or retain the former words. Nevertheless, you labor with an incomplete text.

"I desire to heal you from an awful state of blindness so that you may see clearly my will, to do it. I promised to bring unto you much of my gospel through the Book of Mormon and to provide you with the means to obtain a fullness of my gospel, and I have done this; yet you refuse to receive the truth, even when it is given unto you in plainness. How can you who pursue the truth yet remain unable to behold your own weakness before me?"

While I see this in the manuscript technical sense, my higher eye hears an inner voice that paints an understanding of that scale I mentioned above. With these recent historic events and a body of scripture ever growing in revelation, the brackets of things held back and inaccessible previously. have now been removed and will come forth in the appointed season. This also means that as we seek to ascend to the Light, we will experience the darkness that we might correctly discern.

Therefore we have much reason for Hope in what is coming while consciously walking in fear and trembling before the Lord, never faster than we are able because we might over balance the scale in things we are not prepared for and be overcome by the darkness.

If we are labouring to turn and face the Lord, and seeking the glory of God as we ought, and striving to have a clean vessel, kneeling to serve each other, we will not be overcome by the battle.