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Termination of a Pregnancy, another perspective.

Termination of a Pregnancy, another perspective. I hope to bring some awareness here that there are people among us that have come from all walks of life and experiences. We can sometimes view things from a narrow lens of our own experience and beliefs and what makes us uncomfortable must be from a bad or enabling spirit or something. It can be easy for us to judge a matter with labels. We judge so linear and in time that our understanding is incorrect and we do more harm than good that we hoped to do. Heart, circumstances, intent and life experience all factor into choices people make. It would be best to view a situation from a circular stand point and out of time and with Christ’s understanding, we should invite mercy because we have all fallen and become sinful and while we are in the flesh, we can all repent, or learn a better way and turn and face God. We keep saying how bad abortion is and the people who terminated their unborn babies are condemned and spoken of negatively. We c

The Qualifications for Herding the Sheep

Hope you enjoy this blog post. Timely and Important to understand.

Seasons of Fevers in the Land

I thought this was an interesting blog post to share. Seasons of Fevers in the Land