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Advocating for the Brennan and Camille Kelsch Family. (Graphic pictures at the end of the post)

CLARIFICATION: The pictures I was given show Brennans legs before taking the natural herbs, medication and treatment. The intermediate photos are during treatment and the better of the photos, is just before the infection. All the photos were shown to indicate that without the needed medication, Brennans legs will quickly revert to the original REALLY BAD pictures. He still has a large infection and clots and they are awaiting the antibiotics to take affect, hopefully. So sorry for any confusion. UPDATE: Brennan will be in hospital for some days yet and will be unable to work for maybe all of November. The infection has spread a little more. Location of the hospital and room can be found in comments section of this post. Amputation and Gangrene (again) is still a real and possible outcome if he cannot get the infection in control and the wounds re open, Brennan has Cellulitis. A group of kind people are working to provide a couple months worth of herbal medicine. Please contact

A plea for the Hudson Family. Medical treatment costs.

Hello friends, Mark Hudson just communicated to me that this is his medical expense for the next 6 months. This is where contributions will primarily go, any extra funds will go towards the needs of the family. The following estimate is per month till March Travel to Reno: $300 Chemo treatment in Reno: $2500 Other medications/treatments to repair immune system: $1500 In my previous post I was asking for 40 people/families to contribute $100 per month for the next 6 months. We need 31 more people. Please contact me and I will add you to the list. I will also email all those on the list each month to give reminders and check in if their circumstances still allow the sharing of funds. My idea is to have the medication needs covered at the basic level so the stress and worry about whether they can get the required immune treatment is put at ease so healing can take place. Here are our monthly contributions so far... Mark needs to begin the medication on the 22nd October.