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To be of One Heart

The title of my talk today is "To be of One Heart..."
All scripture references are taken from the recently finalized books of Scripture. This is a fully loaded subject and I don't profess to comprehend the whole meaning of the topic so I ask the Father, in the Name of Christ to give unto me the Spirit of Truth, that through the words I speak, all may be edified. That being said, you are free to choose to disregard what I say if it is contrary to the truth while being careful to be open and consider the scriptures as they are given in plainess.
Concerning "Being of one Heart", we can come up with ideas, suggestions and even think we know the answers, but if it were that easy to persuade each other through reasoning alone, Zion would have been established long ago.
I believe the words of the prophets in the scriptures because I have experimented upon their words, and found them to be true and of power. So lets spend some time reading their words regarding the path to…

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