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Message to all Christians Part 1

Dear Christians and Friends around the World, 
Here is a message from our Lord Jesus Christ delivered through one of his servants. It is a message relevant to our day and an invitation to seek Christ and come unto him, to unite as a body of believers setting aside all our differences and opinions, because the most important Thing we can have in common and which will unite us is Jesus Christ the Son of the Most High God.
 All those who declare Jesus Christ King of Kings and Lord of Lords... Those who seek Salvation through Him, or desire to receive salvation through His Name,  LET US UNITE as ONE and prepare together, for His coming. All are invited to His Wedding feast and be clothed in a wedding garment.

Full talk available here:Lecture 1 For more information or to inquire about Baptism: 500th anniversary Christian Reformation

And Jesus answered the people again, and spoke unto them in parables, and said, The kingdom of heaven is like unto a certain king, who made a marriage for his s…

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