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A Statement of Principals.

Compiled by Paul Durham.


A STATEMENT OF PRINCIPLES for the Lord’s covenant people, written as a GUIDE AND STANDARD for His people to follow and to bless, benefit, and inform others who know nothing, as yet, of His work now underway. The Lord has restored His gospel in this new dispensation—a call to action to renew His direct contact with mankind. The Restoration was originally founded on revelation, but with the death of Joseph Smith those revelations were ignored and replaced, making it necessary for God to begin again. The following are principles that we agree upon and send forth, as commanded, “unto the ends of the earth” (3 Nephi 5:9 RE).

WE BELIEVE the Lord will soon return to the earth. All of the signs of His coming, as recorded in the book of Matthew, will occur in one single generation, and these signs have begun to appear. As it was in the days of Noah, so is it about to be (Matthew 11:11 RE). Prophets are among the people, sharing wonderful message…

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